Dried Figs

Since the Lycian times, figs have brought a huge wealth to the farmers in the region. Turkey remains a leader in the production and exportation of the fruit, with 80% of the yield grown on the fertile soils in the west of Anatolia.

  • The fig tree certainly played a significant role in the evolution of man and the rise of civilizations. Not only did this tree witness history, but it also shaped it. We can enrich our future only if we handle this tree with great care.
  • With their high fructose level, our organic dried figs are the best choice for sugar substitutes. High in calories, figs offer a unique delectable flavor like raisins, albeit creamy and juicy. Figs are rich in fiber and high in minerals like calcium, iron and zinc. As well as having a high sugar content, our organic dried figs are fiber soluble and they are an excellent source of potassium. A reliable source of Vitamin A and K, our organic dried figs can be included in weight loss programs since they are a natural substitute for sugar.
  • Whether consumed as a snack or used in trail mixes, our organic dried figs provide a huge amount of energy for the human body with their unique flavor and natural sugar content. You can eat them at breakfast or use them in food recipes either in their diced form or as a whole. There is no limit to how much you can eat. There are no side effects unless you have a disease where you should watch your sugar intake. We only supply natural and hydrogen peroxide-free figs.
  • We are a reliable supplier of organic dried figs as EC NOP JAS BRC Certified Turkish Dried Figs Factory. We do export more than 500 tons of organic figs every year obtained from our project in Western Turkey.

    We supply dried apricots to small shops as well as wholesalers in Turkey and importers throughout the world. There is a good chance that organic dried figs you bought from Costco, Walmart or Whole Foods is ours. Our partner companies will also help you with your retail level needs. Please contact us for your further questions.
  • We do supply Organic Turkish Dried Apricots from approved organic suppliers in Turkey. All our Dried Apricots are cleaned, processed and packaged in our BRC certified facility.
Size Chart

The sizes of whole dried figs are categorized into 8, with number 1 showing the biggest size and number 8 the smallest.
● Jumbo: Up to 35 pc / kg
● No:1 36 - 40 pc / kg
● No:2 41 - 45 pc / kg
● No:3 46 - 50 pc / kg
● No:4 51 - 55 pc / kg
● No:5 56 - 60 pc / kg
● No:6 61 - 65 pc / kg
● No:7 66 - 70 pc / kg
● No:8 71 - 76 pc / kg

There are also two more categories numbered 9 and 10, but our factory uses these figs mainly for dicing or paste production.

Available As

● Whole
● Diced
● Paste
● Industrial


● NOP Organic
● EU / EC Organic
● COR Organic
● Kosher
● Halal

Did you know?

Washing dried figs with Hydrogen Peroxide makes the color of dried figs whiter.

There are no analyze to discover the usage of this chemical except a chemical taste.

Try to buy your figs from reliable sources.