Diced (Chopped) Apricots

Dried apricot and diced apricot production is not an easy process. A number of issues may shorten the shelf life of the product if not addressed during production.It is of primary importance to ensure the moisture level in dried apricots after the washing process does not exceed 22%. Higher moisture levels can promote high yeast levels and this is the main reason for fermentation of the product.

  • Production of Diced Apricots
  • Before being processed in our factory, dried apricots are fumigated with natural CO2 in a pressure tank to remove any risks of infestation by insects or larvae. Presence of any larvae can lead to infestation in the final product.
  • In processing diced apricots, particular attention is given to making sure apricot pits have been removed with a special process before dicing. Any unremoved pits can result in the presence of hundreds of apricot pit fragments after the dicing process.All our apricots are inspected with an x-ray machine and metal detector for foreign materials of plant or non-plant origin.
  • Diced Apricots Cultivation
  • Cultivated since at least 3000 BC, the apricot tree was introduced to Anatolia 2500 years ago. The region’s climate and fertile soil made it particularly suitable for apricot cultivation and Anatolia has long been considered the second homeland of apricot.
  • Our organic apricots are cultivated in Malatya (Turkey) and are called Malatya apricots. Turkey supplies 80% of the world’s organic apricots and is the leader in the apricot market. Apricots cultivated in Turkey have a distinctive taste which differs greatly from that of apricots grown in Uzbekistan and other countries. Turkey has established a standard for apricots (TS 485) which requires Turkish government officials to check the size and quality of the fruits upon exportation.
  • Our apricots are cultivated in fields located far from city centers without the use of chemical fertilizers. They are harvested and pitted by hand, then left to dry in the sun until they reach a brownish-black color. Our apricots are 100% organic and are not treated with sulphur dioxide.We supply diced dried Turkish apricots from certified organic suppliers based in Turkey to small shops as well as wholesalers in Turkey and to importers throughout the world. Organic apricots purchased from Costco, Walmart or Whole Foods may very well be ours.
  • Benefits of Diced Apricots
  • The apricot boasts many health benefits, the greatest of which is its ability to serve as a natural remedy for constipation. Its high pectin, dietary fiber and cellulose content helps maintain the overall health of the colon while facilitating intestinal function. Consuming three or four apricots a day can help alleviate constipation and other digestive disorders. Both dried and fresh apricots produce the same effects.
  • Organic dried apricots are high in fiber. One of their main health benefits is their low glycemic index, which makes them safe to include in a diabetic diet. The sweet flavor of apricots does not mean that they are high in fructose like raisins or dates.
  • How to Use Diced Apricots
  • Diced dried apricots provide a delicious sweet and tangy taste, and a soft and chewy texture. Their small cube shape makes them convenient to eat right out of the bag as a snack, but they can also enhance both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Diced dried apricots can be sprinkled on oatmeal, cereal or yogurt to enliven breakfast or combined with nuts to bring a fruity taste and pleasant chewy texture to trail mixes . They can also be added to salads and sauces, and can accompany rice and stuffing.
  • Diced dried apricots pair particularly well with baked goods such as bread, cakes, muffins or cookies. They can also be rehydrated by being soaked in warm water for 10 minutes then drained before being incorporated into baking recipes.

Organic Diced Apricots

Knowing that pit content is a challenge in the production of diced apricots, we offer this product of a quality that is “ready to use” – or RTU grade, which are guaranteed to be free from pit fragments. Apricots under this category are inspected 3 times using visual control and once with a detector machine before being processed. Customers who intend to use these in end products can rely on our RTU grade diced dried apricots.

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● 10x10


● NOP Organic
● EU / EC Organic
● COR Organic
● Kosher
● Halal

Did You Know?

In their natural form, organic and unsulphured dried apricots have a brownish-black color. The yellow color indicates that sulphur was applied during the drying process.



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