Izmir Organic is a family-owned organic food processing company.

  • Project

    Our story began in the 1990s, when Atilla Sevilmiş and his sons grew organic mulberries, apricots and sesame seeds in their hometown in southeastern Turkey. At that time, ours was only the second organic project in all of Turkey.

  • Ingredients

    To supply our produce, we founded Yaban Food, an agricultural company which still thrives today and is a household name among organic food factories in Turkey.

  • Manufacturing

    In our early years at Yabanfood, we relied on third party facilities to process our products. But the quality of our crops and of the work that went into harvesting them instilled in us the drive to take the production process into our own hands.

  • Company :Izmir Organik
  • E-mail :info@izmir-organic.com
  • Phone :+90 232 503 41 99
  • Founded : 2011
  • Address :Nilufer Sokak No: 12 ESBAS Izmir 35410 TURKEY

The Factory

Izmir Organic

In 2011, we built our own food processing factory. We gradually obtained world-renowned certifications to ensure it operated in line with the highest standards in the industry. We secured a location in Izmir’s Aegean Free Zone to be able to acquire the best raw materials free from customs duties.

The Quality

Today, Izmir Organic holds BRC AA grade, organic, kosher, halal and Sedex certifications. We offer a wide range of organic, plant-based foods and are the world leader in the supply of organic dried mulberries. We work directly with over 300 organic farmers, without any intermediaries.

We taste the food, control the production process, and ensure that every ingredient we source meets the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming. We foster confidence in our customers and dedication in our workers. We export directly to organic food importers in every corner of the world.

Still have questions? Read on to find out what it’s like to be part of the Izmir Organic team.
Team Member( 2011 - Present )

“There is a price to pay for a good meal”, Benjamin Franklin once said. “You either pay money or you listen to the conversation”. I think this witty saying has an element of truth. One generally must pay in return for a valuable experience. This is not the case at Izmir Organic. Those who prepare the good meal at Izmir Organic both offer the meal, share the practical elements that allow you to make that meal, and pay you a fee for it, as if giving you the strategy for success was not enough. As a famous thinker once said, “I'm not rich enough to buy cheap goods, experience too can be quite expensive sometimes”. And Izmir Organic provides this experience in such a natural way that, without realizing it, the way you do business becomes the way you perceive and live life. At times, you either become a painting or a detail in that painting - both things can happen at Izmir Organic, the choice is up to you.

Team Member( 2020 - Present )

Among the industrial buildings in Izmir’s Aegean Free Zone is a special place. When you open its doors, your senses are greeted with a fragrance of dried fruit that takes you away from city life to the green hills of the Turkish countryside. As you make your way through the hallway, glass windows reveal a large, immaculate room in which silver machines share the space with workers dressed in white. You wave at them but their attention is fully absorbed in little things that their busy hands carefully inspect - you would think they were gems, but they are fruits. You climb up the stairs to the office space and enter the bustle of a thriving and joyful group of men and women who have come together for a common purpose - to produce and provide organic foods of the highest quality. Beneath the smiles that welcome you and the offers of delicious Turkish coffee you sense a complete dedication to the company’s mission.Every person, from the driver to the director, goes above and beyond the call of duty to perform their task - and you realize you are in no ordinary company. When a colleague offers you a handful of dried mulberries, your taste buds awaken to the memory of food as nature intended it to be, and you are grateful for the warmth and treats that this special place has given you.

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